Spring and early summer teaching, in Perth WA

Sprouted Walnut and Citrus Rye Berry Salad

I am about to head off to Perth, where I will be rejoining Jude Blereau and Jean Martinez for this years Whole and Natural Foods Chefs Training Program (WNFCTP) hosted by Jude and her company Wholefood Cooking. Whilst I am there, I will also be teaching a variety of Wholefood Cooking Classes beginning with a three day course Wholefoods Everyday of Your Busy Life, this course provides a solid foundation for living a wholefood life this Spring and Summer in Perth. The image above ©Sam Mackie, is a sprouted walnut and citrus rye berry salad, which featured as part of a long table lunch in Sydney, it may well make a reappearance in Perth, using Peach and Co’s wonderful sprouted grains. There are places in several of my classes, if you or someone you know in Perth might be interested, please direct them here to download a pdf of the full class program, there are also a few public events where our WNFCTP students showcase their skills and provide you a delicious wholefood breakfast or dinner.


I write recipes and information for LJHookers sustainability web site Liveability.com.au this month and for the next few posts there are recipes and information about Wholefood Condiments, starting with the basics of Culturing vegetables at home. If your not yet a home fermenter, I suspect, when you see how simple it is, you soon will be? The satisfying flavour of garlic chive with the crisp crunch of lacto fermented celery and beets, seen above, is enough to warrant learning more. Happy reading, making, eating. I’d love to hear how you go and what combinations you come up with…?


On the fermentation frenzy and upcoming classes

Water kefir in the making

Water kefir in the making

I have been back in Australia for three weeks and everywhere I go I see the rising interest in all things fermented. ‘Bacteria’ is ceasing to be a dirty word. I have been asked to write several pieces on the topic and an article I called ‘Boiling not Spoiling’ (Ferment means to boil) has just been published in the first issue of the  magazine ‘Plenty, Biodynamic Living in Australia, from land to table. You could find that in retail outlets around the country, it is an enjoyable and informative read. Plenty is an initiative of Biodynamic Agriculture Australia (BAA), compiled by Editor Rachel Grisewood. I am delighted to contribute to a magazine designed to educate and demystify Biodynamics. It is heartening to see that a subject I have been discussing since 1972 and which has caused many to, perhaps, regard me as a little odd has now come to prominence.

L&F_HollyDavis_Cultures-6749Businesses and being built on the back of this new found ancient practice and restaurants everywhere are embracing ferments in their many and varied, scrumptious forms. I am having many discussions about whether this is a passing fad. I suspect the frenzy will slow but I truly hope that people embrace these foods for the benefits they can bring to the plethora of people suffering from compromised digestive health and immunity.  They are not hard to make and it is great fun to see an ingredient transformed by the action of invisible bacteria and yeasts; better yet to better understand how to make and live with a range of cultured foods, so you can eat and drink a little with every meal; remembering that, more of a good thing is not always better!  Little and often is best.

Teaching in the garden at The Lost and Found Department

Teaching in the garden at The Lost and Found Department

I am teaching another “Capturing Cultures”  workshop, at the wonderful The Lost and Found Department on August 16th, there are a few places if you or someone you know would like to join us. Silvia Noble and her husband Peter have an extraordinary farmlet at Ingleside where they are tending bees, growing and making food and running a diverse range of fascinating workshops.  Silvia also runs a great market stall at the Warriewood Farmers Market, on Fridays. The workshop runs 10.30-3.30 and provides what you will need to go home and start safely producing delicious fermented food and drinks. We also eat a delicious feast of ferments and more at the long table. Check out the details and book here

IMG_2877_2I return to Perth in late September to teach units of Jude Blereau’s in depth Whole and Natural Chefs Training Program (WNCTP). Whilst there I will also teach a range of public classes. The following link will take you to a PDF with details of all those classes and public events associated with the WNCTP, this includes booking information too. Download this Perth Class Program  here

If you think you would like to come to one of these Perth classes or events book as soon as possible as they fill really fast. Thanks for your keen interest and continued bookings Perth siders.