Holly Davis
Holly Herself

  • Warm spiced sesame crusted beef balls -platter with bamboo fork
  • Cannelini bean puree with preserved lemon in cucumber cups or would you prefer on a crisp cracker or crostini? on platter to pick up by hand
  • Grilled Yamba prawns with fragrant coconut spice mix;if there are green Yamba prawns at market if not ill find another green prawn On platter on spoons or with a fork, depends on size


Continues with….

  • Assorted leaf salad with aged cabernet and Lakelands olives biodynamic olive oil vinaigrette

  • Whole fish Steamed to perfection with crisp kombu   Freshest and best suited to be chosen on the day, current offerings at market include Snapper, Blue Eye Cod and Hapuka.
  • Minted whole egg mayonnaise
  • Rare grilled lamb fillet salad with heritage tomatoes, basil and rosemary

  • Multi coloured Quinoa salad with citrus Romano beans
  • Beetroot and arame salad with garlic chive flowers
  • Radish and ginger pickles

And ends with….

  • Sweet spiced late summer peaches with a spoon of coconut panacotta and fresh blueberries

The plan made it’s time to shop and gather, pick and pull ingredients and then prep and carry and cook and clean and deliver and prep and cook and serve and clean up return home unpack clean up put away and…….phew lucky I love this work. Only the crazy do!