Holly Davis
Holly Herself

I know this is not pretty, I took its photo poorly but it occurred to me this afternoon, either of these are the perfect meal when the weather is like this and everyone around you is dropping like flies with a cold. Even my GP is sick and he is never ill! He is also jewish and will I know, appreciate this meal, get well Steven and all others too.

Nancy and John, mentioned above were my surrogate parents, whom I adored, sadly neither are alive now but they will never be forgotten and they are no less loved. Nancy was a brilliant, clever cook and this was definitely just one of her signature dishes. Her family and I are making her shortbread, Christmas cake, plum cakes, cheesy canastables and more still.

I have altered the way I make these slightly, often I thicken the fish stock with kudzu rather than flour, you will need about 3 tablespoons dissolved in COLD water before stirring into simmering stock and cooking for 5 or so minutes, kudzu is a fine starch said to have medicinal properties, it is great for drying up a sniffle.

These days I might add a glass of good white wine or a splash of vinegar to the Chicken soup at the start. Also I now use those bones, to make extra stock, just add a few aromatics and root veg and your all set.

I would also recommend eating these with some cultured deliciousness, well, of course I would. Red cabbage juniper and orange or kimchi perhaps? A few slivers of preserved lemon or kumquat would also be good…

Happy warming, stay clear of the wind if you can.