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Dairy Kefir ‘grains’ Special offer


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I have plenty of kefir, so the grains are on offer for $10 instead of $18 for one week only

Instructions when they arrive…

Fresh- ½ tablespoon in milk, in a 100ml glass jar: Grown in pasteurised unhomogenised organic whole milk or cream

Your fresh culture will arrive with a postcard offering instructions for its best care, so you can restore it to its peak performance.

Dairy kefir is a Symbiotic Community Of Bacteria and Yeasts, a SCOBY. It is a delightful, slightly effervescent, thickened drinking style yoghurt-like product, with a myriad of uses and probiotic bacteria.

The information for this product can be found in my book Ferment. If you have a copy, read and follow the instructions in Infuse page 132