Dairy Kefir ‘grains’ SCOBY


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Fresh- ½ tablespoon in milk, in a 125ml glass jar:

Grown in pasteurised unhomogenised organic whole milk or cream

Dairy kefir is a Symbiotic Community Of Bacteria and Yeasts a SCOBY. It is a delightful, slightly effervescent, thickened drinking style yoghurt-like product, with a myriad of uses and probiotic bacteria.

Information when receiving by mail. What you receive will make approximately 1 cup kefir product a day and then, as they multiply you can use the grains to make larger batches if wanted or give some away, eternally…As soon as possible after receiving, strain and discard the milk they are in and then make a 250mls batch of kefir, use the entire SCOBY and 250mls fresh milk, cover with a tightly woven, breathable cloth secured over the container. leave to culture for 24hrs or until thickened and lightly sour. Strain out the grains to use for the next batch, eternally…Use the product to drink or for a smoothy or..

The information for this product can be found in my book Ferment. Read and follow the instructions in Infuse page 132