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Filmjölk – Swedish Cultured Milk Starter


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Weight .025 kg
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This filmjölk has been cultured in organic whole milk

Your  dehydrated culture will arrive with a postcard of instructions, for restoring it to its optimum condition.

Filmjölk is a traditional Swedish heirloom culture, to use with whole milk or cream. It makes a lightly sour, delicate flavoured thickened product. It is perfect for dolloping or to use in similar ways as you would yoghurt. This is one of my favourite cultures.

Store @ 5˚C until ready to make your first batch of filmjölk, if possible it is best to do this the day it arrives. Best results will be had using whole organic non homogenized milk or cream.

The information for this product can be found in my book Ferment. If you have a copy, read and follow the instructions in Infuse page 142