Filmjölk – Swedish Cultured Milk Starter


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Weight .25 kg
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Fresh- ½ tablespoon in cream or milk, in a 125ml glass jar:

Grown in regular single cream or pasteurized organic whole milk

This package is enough for 250mls, you can then use one batch to make the next eternally

Store @ 5˚C until ready to make your first batch of filmjölk, if possible it is best to do this the day it arrives.

The information for this product can be found in my book Ferment. Read and follow the instructions in Infuse page 142

Best results will be had using whole organic non homogenized milk or cream.

Use all the starter sent and stir in 250mls whole milk or cream. Culture a few batches in quick succession, until the filmjölk is culturing within the expected time frame and tastes delicious.