Kombucha SCOBY


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Fresh – SCOBY in its own liquid, in a 125ml glass jar

Grown with organic black, green & white leaf tea and organic raw sugar

This is a Symbiotic Community Of Bacteria and Yeasts aka SCOBY. It is used to make a vibrant effervescent drink. There are many types of SCOBY, this one thrives in a solution of sweetened tea. You can find much more information about this product and what to do with it in my book Ferment. Read and follow the instructions in Infuse page 155

Instructions when receiving from me by mail…As soon as possible after receiving your Kombucha SCOBY do this …Make a 500mls brew of tea, dissolve 25g sugar in the tea and cool to room temperature. Once the sweet tea is cold take a spotless glass jar and add the entire SCOBY and any liquid it came with, add the tea, cover with a tightly woven breathable cloth, secured over the container. Leave to culture for 5-10 days. Taste, it will become increasingly sour and slightly effervescent. Once cultured you can use the SCOBY and 250mls of this brew to start a larger brew.