Water Kefir ‘grains’ SCOBY


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Weight .250 kg
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Fresh-1 tablespoon in its own liquid, in a 100ml glass jar:

Grown with filtered water and organic raw sugar

Water kefir is a Symbiotic Community Of Bacteria and Yeats. It is distinct from Dairy Kefire, it has a ‘glassy’ look and fragile structure. What you receive willl make 500mls water kefir every 3 days and then as the grains multiply you can use them to make larger batches and give some away, eternally…

Information when receiving by mail.  As soon as possible after receiving, strain and discard the liquid then make a 500mls batch of water kefir, use the entire SCOBY and  500mls water ,1 tablespoon raw sugar, ½ teaspoon molasses (optional), a very tiny pinch of salt, half a piece of lemon, 4 slices ginger, 2 raisins or 1 fig  (optional) seal the container tightly and leave for 3 days, strain and repeat.

Much more information can be found in my book Ferment. Read and follow the instructions in Infuse page148