Yona Shimmels Heirloom Romanian Yoghurt Starter


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Dried – packaged in an envelope:

Grown in pasteurized organic whole milk.

Everyone knows yoghurt but this one is an heirloom culture. A collection of robust, diverse organisms, which produce delightful yoghurt. This package is enough for 4L, once rehydrated you can use the last batch to make the next, eternally

Store the dried yoghurt starter @ -17˚C – 5˚C until ready to make your first batch. Travelling will not have caused it harm.

Best results will be had using whole organic non homogenised milk

You cannot use a thermos until the dried culture has been restored to wet.

Expect dried starter culture to take extra time to culture – approx. 12-16 hours

Crush the dehydrated culture you received, remove ½ teaspoon and keep the rest airtight in the fridge, as backup

Gently heat 1 litre of whole milk to 80˚C and then allow to cool to 43˚C.

Stir in the dried yoghurt and pour into a spotlessly clean glass jar

Seal the jar

Hold the jar at 36-43˚C for 12-16hrs or until it has set

Place the sealed jar in the fridge

There maybe small traces of died culture in the first batch which are harmless

Make another batch within a few days and then once a week forever!

More information can be found in my book Ferment. Read and follow the instructions in Incubate, page 209