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Yona Shimmel’s Heirloom Romanian Yoghurt Starter


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Dehydrated culture – packaged in an envelope. Grown in pasteurised organic whole milk.

Your dehydrated culture will arrive with a postcard offering instruction for culturing it to perfection.

This yoghurt has a long history, it is an heirloom culture. A collection of robust, diverse organisms, which produce delightful yoghurt.

This package is enough for at least 4L. Once rehydrated, you can use the last batch to make the next, eternally.

Store the dried yoghurt starter @ -17˚C – 5˚C until ready to make your first batch. Travelling will not have caused it harm.

More information can be found in my book Ferment. If you have a copy, read and follow the instructions in Incubate, page 209