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FERMENT – AUD$45 plus postage

For Australian customers only. Any other countries please buy from the Book Depository.
FERMENT is bursting with practical guidance and recipes for delicious live probiotic dishes and ideas for their use.

Containing 7 chapters, each providing details and step by step instructions of a particular process for fermenting foods; you will find simple and more complex recipes in each of these, as well as suggestions for their use.

This book represents the culmination of my lifetime of experiences with wholefoods and fermentation.

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From November 8 – December 18, 2023  All these items will be sent to you, from Victoria. my dear friend Sharon Flynn (The Fermentary), is kindly going to fulfill these orders whilst I am overseas, you could not be in better hands. 

December 18 is the cut off date, for anything wanted in time for Christmas 

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